Immortal and Vile (Death Metal)

by PRIMITIV (Mumbai, India)

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Muthukrishnan U
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Muthukrishnan U Killer Death/Doom Metal!.. Favorite track: World War Zero.
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) Perfect band name for this group. Death metal boiled down to its most basic, primal nature. No frills, just commanding growls, groovy power chords, and a few guitar squeals for good measure. Stay vile, live forever.
Vatsal Purohit
Vatsal Purohit thumbnail
Vatsal Purohit Slamming debut album with an organic blend of death and doom metal putting a new twist on both the genres. The music lends itself effortlessly into this interesting post apocalyptic world. Their musical journey has just begun but I can't wait for what this band has to offer and what the world of Primitiv holds. Favorite track: World War Zero.
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Featuring members of Albatross and Killibrium, Primitiv unearth a form of music that can only be called primitive. One of the most active bands in the live circuit around the country, Primitiv lay waste to poseurs peddling in anything less than catastrophically heavy like they do. Sounding humongous, the music plods powerfully, each step creating shock waves, as the legendary vocalist of the Indian metal scene, Nitin Rajan, growls like a thundering beast. Reverberations of his voice tear through the heart of those residing in his earthly kingdom. Primitiv's debut is about the creation of mankind, amidst dominating creatures, and its ponderous progression towards damnation. The music is as morbid, crude and old school as it can get, and at the same time, it marks a cyclic evolution for the genre as a whole, as it retraces the roots of the genre and sets out afresh to carve a path that's only half as familiar - a second life given to the genre of death metal, set in the primal proto-death/doom period, but finding relevance today in the soulless mechanical era. This is where pure brute force meets suspenseful exploration, and gives new hope for the future of the style.

Line up -
Nitin Rajan - Vocals
Riju Dasgupta - Bass
Rajarshi Bhattacharya - Guitars
Pushkar Joshi - Drums
Kiron Kumar - Guitars

Artwork done by Scribble Bandit (Rahul Chacko)

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released February 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Primitiv Mumbai, India

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Track Name: Clash of the Gods
A desolate landscape,
Where not a man can live,
A future of ruin and chaos,
A world unborn- Primitiv.

Across Rancid lake,
Temples where devotees fall,
Across deserts of evil,
The war that ended it all.

World War Zero
Track Name: World War Zero
Gather in thousands,
Gods and men,
Raging Taurus,
Seductive Wen,
Priests of the temple,
With wicked designs,
Vultures fly,
We see the signs.

It's world war zero,
The end of an age,
When flames burn bright,
In the rancid lake,
It's world war zero,
The end of man,
When Gods and men,
Walk the land.

The earth it rumbles,
The world splits apart,
Gonrod emerges,
From the molten heart,
Gods and man,
Disappear in his maw,
The God of Gluttony,
Closes his jaw!

The world war ends,
As Gonrod feasts,
As metal and flesh,
Concede defeat.

Once satiated,
He returns to the core,
The world of Primitiv,
Lives once more.
Track Name: The Demon of Science
In tens they gather,
And bow their heads,
Before the temple,
Crumbling to death,
Murmuring, frightened,
Look to the East,
Cluttering and clanking,
Approaches the priest.

The priest of the temple,
With its wicked designs,
Circuits that glow,
A demon of science.

Guide us wise one,
Show us the light,
In your immense wisdom,
Does the road stand bright...

They wait for wisdom
From machine mouth,
When jaws open,
Bile spews out,
In seconds they realize,
And stare aghast,
Man became primitive,
From his glorious past.

Guardians: Unauthorized intruder access
Code TOI override
All intruders must be exterminated

The priest of the temple,
Lumbers back within,
A demon of science,
History's assassin.

The followers lay dying,
Writhing in pain,
History forgets,
Those it has slain.
Track Name: Lake Rancid
Rowing his raft,
In waters wild,
Where ancient refuse,
Refuses to die,
Where islands form,
From garbage discarded,
He set sail,
Anxious and guarded.

Centuries back, the waters were calm.
The magical Lake Placid.
Today, a chemical wasteland.
Foul, reeking Lake Rancid.

His oars are caught,
It's what he feared,
Mutants of the lake,
Together draw near,
With scaly arms,
Pull him from the boat,
In chemical waste,
Cadaver lies afloat.

Centuries back, the waters were calm,
In depths. met chemical and magic,
And were born Hellish mutants,
Monsters of Lake Rancid.

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